Bearing Witness is a workshop designed to convert social inaction into social action. Here is a short 6-minute video describing the workshop.

We are looking for pilot groups and volunteers to launch this project. Please contact us at

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Voting-3 times-a day is a 2-1/2 hour presentation/ mini-workshop designed to reduce one’s carbon footprint through the reduction of both Red Meat Consumption and Food Waste. This work is novel in that it emphasizes the importance of what narratives and early childhood associations we have with food in these two areas. It is also novel in that it reconnects us to our authentic power, a power that needs to be subsumed under the Power of Veils and Cascade of Denials in order for us to consume in the above-mentioned manner without causing a disruption to one’s positive self-concept.

This work is a combination of Experiential, Edu-tainment, and Deep Connection to one’s pre-subsumed place. It draws from Personality and Social Psychology research, work from Project Drawdown, a methodology of unlocking the Triune brain, and video work from a current Plant-based documentary.

Below is a slide encapsulating the workshop in one pictogram, captured from a recent presentation to a Men’s Group.

We are looking for organizations, groups, and volunteers (who we can train as workshop leaders) to further this project. Please contact us at