Barny Wong is the Founder and Project Analyst at One Tiny Drop. His current responsibility ranges from creating thought models to empowering readers through blogs. The experience and skill sets that led him to One Tiny Drop came from almost 24 years of solving the intricacies of intricate design and quality systems in the automotive industry. To boot as well is his near 16 years of challenging the Family Court system for unlawful class treatment. He currently holds THREE (3) patents on boat designs. He is also an accomplished Fly Fishing Instructor, designing unique fly lines, rods, and casting techniques. Barny’s passion for the work here stems from an early age recognition the coping-self prevents us from ever taking care of problems at their origination point. Outside of work, you will find Barny working on his drums or guitar, and Salsa dancing. You will also find him inadvertently shepherding the geese and ducks at Portland’s Westmoreland casting pond with his errant casts.