One Tiny Drop draws its inspiration from the premise we are embodied wisdom waiting and seeking to express itself.

The name of this website, One Tiny Drop, is inspired by the concept that one tiny drop at the root of a tree is more effective than 100 gallons of water at the leaves. This drop can bring more significant structural changes that restore Intra and inter balance. Analogously, One Tiny Drop adopts the same principle by going to the original cause of entrenched problems as a place of healing and reckoning. This way, we can unlock the more significant potential for evolution and transcendence that is not possible downstream from this place. These enhanced and increasingly efficient ways can then break through entrenched as well as multi-complex barriers.

How we create an access path to this inner wisdom is by creating developmental models to indigenate the mind. This indigeneity involves de-colonizing the mind from outdated artifacts left behind by outdated mental processes. These artifacts are a result of perceptual downloads, mapping, and navigating schemes that were once useful but are now unable to solve entrenched problems.

The main project One Tiny Drop has embarked on using this approach is to transform social inaction into social action in Climate Crisis. We do this by overcoming psychological distancing as well as inter and intra-generational discounting. This breaking through barriers entails using processes and models of de-biasing the individual’s related biases as well as evolving the individual’s connected consciousness.

We facilitate the client upgrading their perception maps used to read the terrain of reality by opening up their bandwidth of perception. We invite the person to connect to a deeply supported place. This way, she has the resources to embrace a much fuller but previously discounted reality. As a result of this embracing, she restores her desired state for her relationships. She is also able to regain control over issues that keep her awake. In this way, she overcomes the limitations of her previously outdated perception.

We also facilitate the client’s transformation in her consciousness.
We do this knowing that the Planet cannot return to balance simply because we are unable to restore our balance. We facilitate a deepening of the person’s sense of connection to a common undergird. This common undergird is where our sense of being connects to a collective sense of being -a mycelium of Oneness- that allows us to experience a form of human murmuration. This way, the person can link to a more expanded, deeper, and collective consciousness.

It is also from this undergird we embody a deeper reality that we, just like the Planet, are also systems seeking to achieve balance. This balance requires we balance ourselves, having us as a system that nests within the Planet system. We transform consciousness through a more introspective and reflective means, such as meditation. Meditation gives us access to that broader field of belonging. This belonging then de-escalates the need for the ego-based mechanisms that are both the author and perpetrator of our imbalance that is also behind the Planet’s destruction.