Part 1: Why Climate Change is hiding a crisis of awakening

We can’t fix what we can’t see

The Kernel: the crisis of awakening that has led us to collapse will follow us into survival adaptation. We cannot make an effective leap from problem to solution if we don’t see the common liability to both stages of climate change.

As I am researching and building pieces for a workshop, I sometimes feel inundated by the plethora of how the mind is such an escape artist. It is almost like an octopus with infinite arms with infinite tools for self-preservation. And when one of the arms gets stuck, the octopus can lose it only to see a replacement grow from within.

What my research for this workshop is letting me see is that we are in this climate collapse principally because we are in a crisis of awakening. And this awakening is awakening to ourselves, specifically to our inability (largely avoidance) to see reality for what it is. One way we avert the annoyance of this inability is by flipping the script of us from simply being an organ in an organism called life into believing we are the organism. This flipping is unfortunately abetted heavily by the narratives of capitalism and its scarcity mongering. This results in a culturally and socially accepted reinforcement of an Ego-system vs. an Eco-system. And because of that, our perceptions–already subconsciously knowing it is top-able and fragile–compensates by seeking out a hyper-curated space where energy, calories, and self-esteem enhancements are extracted into. And as a way to maintain innocence to this one-sided arrangement, while we extract, we externalize harm outside of these curated spaces as a way to invisibilize harm. This way, we can tell ourselves our hands are clean in such a dirty process.
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