Vlog 10: The Climate Playbook, Episode Nine: Veils, Habits (Symbolic), Part 2 of 4- Ontological Security

Composite Artwork by Gabriela Acosta
The Climate Playbook: Ontological Security Part 2

The Kernel: This video, Part 2 of Veils, Habit (Symbolic) introduces Ontological Security that affords us a firm sense of self so as to adapt and to respond to our ever-changing environment.

Part 2 looks at Autonomy and Self-Care that make up a firm sense of oneself so that we can engage with the world and its disturbances in a way that leaves us intact. Part 2 is part of a 4-part series of the symbolic aspect of our Veils required to bury the harm produced from pursuing our Calories and Energy so as to be Ontologically Secured. It specifically goes into Car-Use so as to see how we symbolically get attached to this habit as ways to ground ourselves in this world.

This video is part of The Climate Playbook series that is designed to reveal the hidden workings of Climate Inaction.

Kent, J (2016). Ontological Security and Private Car Use in Sydney, Australia. https://doi.org/10.5153/sro.3860

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