Vlog 8: The Climate Playbook, Episode Seven: Veils, Habits (Function), Part 5 of 5

Composite Artwork by Gabriela Acosta
The Climate Playbook: Veils, Habit (Functional)- Part 5 of 5 (Conclusion 1)

The KernelThis video, Part 5 of 5 of Veils, Habit (Functional) concludes the 5 part series by looking at how we can learn about our Habits that keep us in the Rat Cage experiment, causing us to further bury our harm.

Part 5 is part of a FIVE(5) part series of the functional aspect of our Veils required to bury the harm produced from pursuing our Calories and Energy as tangible appetites.  

This video is part of The Climate Playbook series that is designed to reveal the hidden workings of Climate Inaction.

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