Vlog 6: The Climate Playbook, Episode Five: Veils, Habits (Function), Part 3 of 5

Composite Artwork by Gabriela Acosta
The Climate Playbook, Episode Five: Veils, Habits (Function), Part 3 of 5

The KernelThis video is Part 3 of 5 of Veils, Habit (Functional). This video covers how our approach to Climate Change turns out to be a catalyst to our Internal Casino. As a result, our approaches to Climate Change can have a negative impact rather than a positive one we are led to believe.

Part 3 is part of a FIVE(5) part series of the functional aspect of our Veils required to bury the harm produced from pursuing our Calories and Energy as tangible appetites. T

This video is part of The Climate Playbook series that is designed to reveal the hidden workings of Climate Inaction.

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