Vlog 2: The Climate Playbook: Episode 1- The Ideal Process

The Climate Playbook: Episode 1- The Ideal Process

The Kernel:  This video is part of a series of videos titled ‘The Climate Playbook’.  This series is the culmination of 14 months’ work to reveal the playbook behind Climate Inaction. 

This Episode One introduces the Top 5 types of resistance to Climate action. It also introduces the framework where they work together towards a common purpose of managing Equanimity. THREE (3) triggers disruptive to our equanimity are discussed as a prelude to understanding our harm-burying strategies. 

Paper Providing Ecology of Resistance framework:
Bastian, B. & Loughnan, S. (2016). Resolving the Meat-Paradox: A Motivational Account of Morally Troublesome Behavior and Its Maintenance. https://doi.org/10.1177%2F1088868316647562

Papers referenced in the video for 10 Types of Climate Resistance:
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