Blog 8: The Honesty in the dishonesty behind Conspiracy Theories

The Kernel: The hangover from the current pandemic has now produced a secondary epidemic wave but of another type: Infodemic. This has led to conspiracy theories, protest rallies against the shelter-in-place orders, public defiance against these orders, and misinformation even from our governmental actors. In times of uncertainty, people gravitate toward certainty, even if this imperils them further. What started as an affront to our biological state is now waking up psychological states that risk endangering the former. Climate Collapse in many ways is the same product of this need towards certainty brought on by uncertainty. Unfortunately, as the planet furthers itself in reparation, we become more susceptible to false prophets who prey on the same vulnerability that pulls us into conspiracy theories. This writing explores, by using infodemic psychological responses, the link between our exoteric symptoms and our esoteric causes as a means to counteract this susceptibility that will also hinder our ability to deeply adapt.

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